Quick Service-Aligned Tips to Make Your Small Business Stand out this Black

Small businesses suffer from big-box competition and mostly during shopping seasons such as the Black Friday. In most of the cases, small businesses tend to remain sandwiched between the Black Friday’s chaos. However, there is a need to get rid of such a condition and edge the competition. One of the ways to do this by having an upside customer support as one of the best Black Friday deals.

You will find that customers are happy with the majority of the Black Friday deals offered by the big players in the market. For example, their doorbusters are pleasing. Here are some solid tips to hack the competition this coming black Friday and remain relevant in the market through the provision of a stress-free experience to shoppers.

     I.   Have your store open later

Because numerous people are shopping on Black Friday, the majority of these individuals do not like long lines and overcrowding. To capture this group of shoppers makes sure that you offer them the convenience they need by opening your store later after others have closed.

    II.   Offer gift cards

Shopping has gone to another level as the majority of shoppers nowadays possess gift cards. While only a few stores would consider the use of gift cards in making purchases, it is high time you adopted the use of gift cards. Perhaps, you can choose to set a platform ideal for purchasing gift cards.

  III.   Use social media to promote your Black Friday specials

Make an effort to promote your Black Friday specials on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Such platforms have a large following, and hence, you stand a high chance of making more sales this coming Black Friday.

  IV.   Offer returns, guarantees, and extended support

The majority of the big retailers rarely offer returns, guarantees or even extend support to their clients. Have a flexible return and guarantee policy and you will see how such an approach converts visitors to customers. Many people have no time to waste in post-holiday return rush. If you have a two weeks’ extension of the return period, you will capture a large following.

   V.   Combine products with services

You can distinguish your small business from the big players this coming Black Friday by combining services and products, and offer a reasonable discount. In most of the cases, the large retailers are a bit expensive since they charge every service that comes with a given product. As such, by giving certain discounts on services will make you competitive in the market.

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